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Hey! I’m Kathryn Austin

I am passionate about mental health counseling, emotional stability, and helping people create an inspiring life. I am dedicated to provide the best possible therapy service to my clients in Austin, Texas and the surrounding state.

My practice combines mental health counseling, women's counseling, conscious parenting support, somatic based practices, attachment theory, with spiritual development and life purpose exploration. I work with a Holistic Wellness System that supports the balance and elevation of MIND BODY & SPIRIT.

Healing is about returning to your Wholeness: Working with a psychotherapist offers you the support and guidance to reconnect with yourself and from that place build a more meaningful life.

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Free Meditation

30-Minute Relaxation Meditation

Meditation is more than just closing your eyes and focusing on your breath. It's creating an environment that is grounded and creative.

Join me in this 30-minute meditation session and experience the holistic wellness sanctuary within yourself.

1010 Land Creek Cove STE 100, Austin, TX 7874  (202)557-6778