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Are You Suffering From Parental Burn Out?

Does being a parent seem like a 24/7 job you never get a break from? Is it hard to recharge on your limited downtime so you can show up for your kids the way you want to? Has your relationship with your partner been moved to the back burner and you worry you’re drifting apart?  

Even though you knew this chapter of your life would bring along a whole new level of responsibility, maybe you underestimated the radical changes in store. Perhaps ever since becoming a parent, your life has become unrecognizable to you. You may feel like much of your identity was left behind, and now you’re struggling to wrap your arms around your new role.

You May Be Spread Too Thin

The demands of daily life were difficult before kids, but now they may seem nearly impossible to meet. You may be run ragged between obligations at work, keeping the household running smoothly, and being the primary caregiver to young children. And if you lack familial or community support, you might be particularly overwhelmed. The rare time you have to yourself may be spent engaging in numbing behaviors such as overeating, drinking, or binge-watching TV.  

What may add to your stress is if you and your partner aren’t on the same page philosophically about raising kids. You might take your frustrations out on each other and rarely find quality time to spend together.

You might feel ashamed to admit you’re challenged by parenthood, especially if you struggled with fertility. If only you felt more confident, things would be easier. Therapy can help you tap into your innate wisdom and intuition to become the capable parent you were born to be. With parenting coaching, you can feel empowered to step into this role with renewed energy and passion. 

Being A Parent Today Is Challenging

Parenting younger kids is one of the most physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually intense times in any adult’s life. It is an initiation into the next level of our evolution. And as with any initiation, parts of ourselves must be released while other parts of you move to the front and are developed and mastered.  

Doing right by our child is the highest form of responsibility that requires emotional maturity, self-sacrifice, devotion, and grit. Often starting with the challenges of conception and continuing through pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and childhood, we will constantly be invited to rise to the next new challenge.  

Many Parents Today Turn To Google Rather Than Trust Their Gut

Parenting in a post-Covid world is new territory for everyone—many of us have struggled during some phase of it. There are new challenges for parents, including:

  • The cultural breakdown of family units and community support has created more isolation and fewer resources for new parents;  
  • Social media abounds with unrealistic images and expectations about parenthood, fueling unhealthy comparisons;  
  • Google has become the main source of information for new parents, often leaving us feeling less empowered and capable. In the process of trying to discern between credible information and yet another sales pitch for a new parenting product or class, we have stopped trusting our intuition.  

In light of these challenges, it makes sense that we feel isolated, incapable, and overwhelmed in our role as caregivers. But sadly, rather than seek the support we desperately need, we might be embarrassed to admit we could use some help.

However, acknowledging that you would benefit from helpful guidance and coaching on your parenting journey is a sign of strength, not weakness. Whether you’re a new parent or have a few years under your belt, counseling offers you well-rounded support from a fellow parent who has experienced what you’re going through first-hand.

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Parenting Counseling Offers Empowerment

No matter what path you took towards becoming a parent, it is important to be excited and grateful about this adventure. However, this doesn’t detract from the fact that this transition may have been challenging, causing you to question your ability to be a good parent.  

The journey toward being a better parent starts with learning how to be a more ground person, meaning you feel centered within yourself and connected to your inner resources, capacity, and potential. Therapy for parenting offers a container of connection, processing, and guidance to do this work. I provide a space of non-judgment and compassion where you can shed the isolation you may be experiencing and, instead, feel seen and validated.  

Through exercises that help ground and calm your nervous system, you will reinvigorate yourself to embrace your role as a parent with renewed purpose. Once you have restored yourself energetically, we can explore strategies, tools, and practices to support your specific areas of concern. Additionally, becoming a parent brings up inner child wounding that we can address directly in therapy.  
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What Parent Coaching With Me Looks Like

Rather than offer a canned package of parenting strategies, the counseling I provide mothers and fathers is a journey to discover your inherent leadership abilities and forge a deep abiding trust with your intuition. Our shorter-term goals will be to implement daily practices and routines to help reconnect you with your partner, your community, and your holistic wellness. Some of these practices include co-creating: 
  • Supportive diet and movement routines;
  • Emotional regulation exercises;
  • Yoga, breathwork, prayer, and ritual practices;  
  • Ways to connect with nature;
  • Exercises to repair and strengthen your partnership by developing communication skills and establishing healthy boundaries;
  • Action plans geared toward your wellness and parenting goals that explore how to bring more harmony and ease into your home environment.

Tapping Into Your Intuition

The long-term goal of parenting counseling is to help you attain a newfound sense of empowerment where you will feel capable and confident in your ability to parent. We do this by helping you get to know and trust in your innate wisdom and discern when to reach out for external information and support.

With the advent of smartphones, so many parents rely on the “all-knowing” super machine we carry with us rather than trust our instincts. We have imbued the internet with oracle-like powers but, in the process, disempowered ourselves. I want to help you break from the idea that all the answers to parenting exist outside of yourself when so many already exist within you.  

Feeling uncertain only means you really care about the responsibility of parenting. When you can take ownership of the way you’re showing up as a parent—celebrating the places you're thriving and getting support in the areas where you need help—you’re able to connect to the wisdom and power within you. The most important thing you can do for your child is to take care of yourself with compassion and accountability so that you can be there for them.

But You May Wonder Whether Parenting Counseling Is Right For You…

What if we don’t have time for parent coaching?

Time management is crucial to successful parenting. When you work with a parenting counselor, you will discover that you don't have to add more things to your schedule but instead, change how you already utilize your internal resources. This means changing expectations, taking non-essential items off your plate, doubling down on things that are working, and engaging in practices that bring you joy, peace, and stability.

What if our child is difficult? Can parenting coaching help us?

I caution my clients to be careful placing the label of "difficult” on children. Doing so can lead to problematic perspectives that can be emotionally wounding for them. Unfortunately, not all daycares and schools support a child's diversity, especially highly active and emotionally vibrant children. Your child is who they are, and you are here to understand, guide, protect, and love them. Our work in parent counseling is to help you accept them for who they are and provide them with the best possible environment to thrive.

How can I access community support?

Community support is vital to successful parenting. If you don't have enough support, there are numerous ways to find it—sometimes, it's as simple as asking friends and family for help or connecting with a parenting group. I recommend looking for local parenting groups online, through a web search, social media, or a parenting app. You might also look for flyers at local gyms, workout studios, libraries, community centers, spiritual organizations, daycare centers, schools, and pediatrician offices. It may take some time to find the best fit but don't give up.

Learning To Parent Consciously Isn’t As Hard As It Sounds

You already have what it takes to be a great parent. To find out more about parenting counseling with me, you can call 202-557-6778, email, or visit my ​consultation page to schedule a free 20-minute consultation.

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