Inner Child Healing

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Inner Child Healing is a process of addressing and healing the emotional wounds that we experienced during childhood. It involves recognizing and healing the negative patterns and beliefs that developed as a result of past traumatic or difficult experiences.

During childhood, we may have experienced different forms of trauma, neglect, abuse, or abandonment that can create emotional wounds.  We can divide these difficult experiences into two general categories: big “T” Traumas including sexual, physical and emotional abuse, the death of a parent, violence and addiction in the family, or incarceration & little “t” traumas which include less severe but still highly distressing experiences when emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual needs were not met or supported with love and care.  These experiences impact our beliefs, behaviors, and emotions as adults. For example, a person who experienced neglect as a child may struggle with feelings of low self-worth or have difficulties with forming healthy relationships as an adult.

Inner ChildHealing involves revisiting and acknowledging these childhood experiences, as well as the emotions and beliefs associated with them. Through this process, we can identify the negative patterns and beliefs that are holding us back from thriving and work towards healing and empowerment.

The way I facilitateInner Child Healing involves mindfulness and embodiment practices, inner dialogue elevation, radical responsibility, boundaries, creative expression, and self-care. Therapy provides a safe space to process emotions and develop new coping strategies.  Mindfulness and embodiment practices, such as meditation or visualization, can help individuals connect with themselves and their inner child to develop greater self-awareness.Inner Dialogue Elevation engages the client in reparenting of their inner child in a way that provides compassion and accountability.  Radical Responsibility allows us to create a position of empowerment in the here and now, from which we can then build new potentials and possibilities for our future.  Boundaries are a powerful act ofSelf Love that reinforces our right and need to take up space.  Creative expression, such as art, singing or journaling, can provide a means of exploring and expressing emotions that maybe difficult to verbalize. Finally, self-care helps individuals prioritize their own needs and develop a greater sense of self-worth.

Overall,Inner Child Healing is a valuable process that can help individuals achieve greater emotional healing, personal growth, and overall well-being.  It can help us develop healthier relationships, improve our self-esteem, reduce anxiety and depression, and increase our spiritual connection.  It isa KEY to personal development and spiritual expansion.  



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