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Holistic Wellness

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Holistic Wellness Therapy: The Embodiment Of Self-Healing And Empowerment

We are all here for a reason—to contribute something unique to the planet. As we figure out how best to grow and improve, we all have healing to do. This healing is a journey of self-discovery to identify the gifts we offer and what purpose they will serve to achieve a spiritually integrated life. Holistic Therapy is a supportive container to facilitate healing and empowerment, allowing you to cultivate inner peace, strive for your highest expression, and positively contribute to this world. As the research of Drs. Bessel van der Kolk, Peter Levine, Daniel Siegel, Stephen Porges, Gabor Mate, and Lisa Miller will attest there is a growing body of evidence to illustrate the importance of integrating somatic and spiritual modalities to achieve long-term healing and wellness. [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]. Their research is proving what healers have innately known for centuries:  sustained health and wellness requires a holistic approach.  

Holistic Wellness—the fusing of mind, body, and spirit to attain well-being—acknowledges our connection to something bigger than ourselves. We must actively and courageously address the mind-body-spirit connection to achieve true wellness. While many modalities concern themselves with the mind and body, few integrate our spiritual relationship with the beyond.

To fill this void in spiritual wellness, I created a Holistic Wellness Compass called Gravity & Grace. This compass uses the cross as a metaphor to highlight our two planes of existence. The horizontal line represents Gravity—physical health, financial stability, relationships, emotional stability, and cognitive function—while the vertical line represents Grace—our connection to a higher power and conscious expression of divinity.  

What To Expect From A Holistic Approach To Healing

I use a comprehensive assessment called The Embodiment Protocol that helps determine your current state of Holistic Wellness and identify what practices, perspectives, and tools will best serve you in moving toward balance. The protocol deeply explores your relationship with the seven pillars of embodied healing: Body, Mind, Spirit, Environment, Nourishment, Creativity, and Community.  

​​​Your three-month holistic treatment program will be guided by the results of your assessment. For any areas of imbalance or dysfunction, we will explore the balance of the energies of Order (the Divine Masculine) and Chaos (the Divine Feminine). While Order represents life’s logical, analytical, and methodical engagements, Chaos is associated with intuitive, creative, emotional, and process-oriented engagement. Each area of dysfunction in your wellness will demonstrate an imbalance between these two energies. The goal is not to reach 50/50 balance per se, but rather to determine what unique balance of Order (masculine) and Chaos (feminine) will achieve harmony for you.  

We will then develop an action plan that engages more of the complementary energy needed for harmony.  This is where we get to learn about your individual essence and how best to honor and enhance your expression. For example, if you desire more meaningful relationships and your current approach is regimented and doesn’t allow for organic connection, this would represent an Order imbalance. We would then work on getting you out of your comfort zone and trying out more flexible and spontaneous ways of socializing. Conversely, if too much Chaos is affecting your ability to connect—such as sporadic and casual attempts at meeting people—we would create an organized, structured approach that includes making an emotional investment and developing better communication skills.

Created as a Self-Empowerment modality, the Holistic Wellness Compass is a tool you will carry with you throughout your life. Once I introduce you to the underlying principles of Gravity & Grace, Order, and Chaos, you can achieve sustained healing without a dependency on a therapist for your wellness.  

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Who Can Benefit From Holistic Wellness?

Gravity and Grace Holistic Wellness is the culmination of thousands of hours of clinical work, advanced spiritual training, and personal practice. By weaving the teaching, tools, and techniques of psychotherapy and spirituality together, Holistic Wellness is a universal modality created to support anyone experiencing dysfunction, imbalance, and discontentment. This may include anxiety, depression, apathy, stress management issues, unhealthy relationship patterns, and trauma.

Few modalities integrate a truly holistic approach to healing, health, empowerment, and growth. However, Gravity and Grace Holistic Wellness is founded upon a diverse range of subjects, including biology, anthropology, social work, psychotherapy, yoga, meditation, somatic healing, alternative energy healing, and mindfulness. It also draws from metaphysics, shamanism, esotericism, and the universal teachings and principles of Kabbalah and Hermetics. [7] [8]  

In addition to spiritually integrated psychotherapy, Holistic Wellness therapy may also include other modalities such as attachment theory, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB), inner child healing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques, narrative therapy, Gestalt and Jungian psychoanalysis, and breathwork.
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Why I Believe In Holistic Treatment

Gravity & Grace is a holistic life coaching system I created that revives a deep reverence for the human experience. Based on the model of a cross, we will take inventory of where your horizontal and vertical planes meet. We begin with reviewing, strengthening, and adjusting your “Gravity”—physical health, nervous system management, emotional regulation, employment satisfaction, relationships, and home environment.  

Once your horizontal plane is stable, we assess the vertical life plane, aka “Grace”—your connection to a higher power, orientation, and understanding of Self in the world, and how to access sustainable motivation and inner peace. The long-term goal is to use this model as a compass to help you identify what areas of your life need to shift to move towards the center of the cross, where wellness abides.

Find Out How Holistic Wellness Counseling Can Help You

If you would like to learn more about Gravity and Grace Holistic Wellness, you can call 202-557-6778, email, or visit my ​consultation page to schedule a free 20-minute consultation.  

I offer energy work outside of my therapy practice, which allows me to work with anyone anywhere. You can find out more about my other services and resources by ​clicking here.  


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