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Are You Experiencing Mommy Burnout?

Do you struggle with prioritizing your own needs while also taking care of your family? Do you feel like you’ve had to sacrifice your passions, interests, and desires, and that you no longer recognize yourself? Are you currently pregnant or postpartum and feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and lost?

If your daily routine exclusively revolves around family and home life, you may be feeling disconnected from yourself. The new role and responsibilities of motherhood create a new stage in life, meaning the way you used to fill your cup may no longer work, leading to physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual burnout. For new and expectant mothers, a lack of support transitioning between the spheres of Maiden and Mother can trigger undue anxiety, fear, and overwhelm.

The Symptoms Of Burnout Are Far-reaching

Jumping into motherhood without an anchored sense of self may cause you to vacillate between feeling bored, resentful, uninspired, and hopeless. What’s more, a lack of community support or proper self-care could manifest as depression, anxiety, a sense of isolation, or marital conflict. Or maybe you suffer from physical illness, chronic pain, or poor concentration.  

Encountering some level of self-doubt, emotional exhaustion, and identity evolution is a normal part of the transition into motherhood. However, if you’ve entered this phase of life without the proper perspective, you might feel guilty whenever you put your own needs ahead of others. Not only is holistic self-care okay, but it’s necessary. Therapy for moms offers a safe space where your needs as a woman will be expressed, heard, and validated. This empowers you to step into your parenting role with more self-awareness of who you are and what you were put on earth to do.  

Self-Sacrifice Should Not Be A Tenet Of Motherhood

As mothers, we have to contend with the culturally-supported notion of self-sacrifice. This unrealistic and unhealthy stereotype of what it takes to be a good mother convinces us that our value in society increases the more we deplete ourselves in the service to  others. However, the beauty and power of motherhood rests on the foundation of a woman’s ability to know herself, care deeply for herself, and offer her love to her family.

Modern Culture No Longer Supports Motherhood As It Once Did

Further, motherhood was never meant to be experienced in isolation. For our ancestors, pregnancy was a time of female fellowship where midwives would prepare them for birth in mind, body, and spirit. While young children were raised collectively by community members, tribal elders offered newer families emotional support and generational wisdom.

These days, we often find ourselves without a supportive community or immersed in social circles dominated by competition and judgment. Throughout each phase of motherhood, we have lost connection with the resources needed to step into this life-giving role with empowerment.

When compared to European countries that offer generous family leave and community support, America’s track record is woefully inadequate. Most of us have to juggle parenting and work responsibilities without any safety net to speak of. This lack of support was amplified during the COVID-19 lockdown when we were expected to work from home while simultaneously caring for our children. Sadly, the sense of isolation and feeling unseen that grew out of that time has cast a long shadow over the motherhood experience for many new moms..

If you are grappling with how to care for yourself while raising children, you’re not alone. Whether you’re a brand-new mom or a seasoned veteran, therapy can help you build a better support system, both internally and externally, so you no longer feel isolated in motherhood and have time to attend to your own needs.

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Therapy For Moms Can Guide You To Become The Mother You Are Meant To Be

A mother's love is the strongest force in the world, and with this power comes incredible responsibility. As both a therapist and mother to young children myself, helping moms find their way back to sovereignty is incredibly rewarding work. By acknowledging that your primary responsibility is to yourself, you can rise up and embody motherhood from a place of joy, strength, and intuition.

Shifting from Maiden to Mother requires that you release the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral patterns no longer serving you. Shedding outmoded beliefs about yourself allows you to emerge into a new role of leadership, one characterized by a reorientation of who you must become to raise and support your children while maintaining your own identity.  

Counseling is beneficial for moms who are both new to motherhood as well as those with older children. Therapy offers mothers like you a place to be seen and cared for without judgment or guilt over putting your own needs first. Together we can reconnect you with your inner wisdom, enabling you to make decisions about your well-being from a place of self-love and self-respect.  
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Holistic Psychotherapy

Taking a holistic approach to mental health, we initially assess your wellness comprehensively, exploring how you tend to your Mind, Body, and Spirit. We will take an inventory of your routines, habits, and practices, such as:

Beliefs and Cognitive Patterns
Communication skills
Emotional regulation
Spiritual practices.  

After reviewing how you take care of yourself, we can reinforce the strategies that are working while making adjustments—or creating new routines—in whatever areas may be lacking. With an emphasis on holistic wellness, you will feel empowered to care for yourself wholly and without guilt. Additionally, acknowledging the importance of community and social support will ensure you never feel isolated or overwhelmed in motherhood again.

Mother Wound Healing And Inner Child Work

Many of us enter motherhood without ever considering how we want to parent our children. In therapy, we explore the motherhood archetypes, from both a secular and spiritual perspective, that support your embodiment of this role. This is especially significant if your experience with your own mother wasn’t positive, and you need to heal that wound. We will also examine the role of motherhood itself, unpacking whatever internalized beliefs and fears you carry that may be holding you back.

As you care for your children, your own inner child wounding may emerge in surprising ways. If left unaddressed, emotional pain from your past can be unconsciously projected onto your children, thereby perpetuating the cycle. Inner child therapy offers a safe forum for healing, strengthening your innate ability to parent with self-awareness and grace.

As a mother, you play one of the most important roles within society. Even though you might feel overwhelmed and unsupported, the path back to empowerment is not a mystery. With the right tools and guidance, you can regain your sense of self. By incorporating the tools and techniques you learn in therapy for moms into a long-term wellness plan, you can become the mother you want to be.

But You May Wonder Whether Therapy For Moms Is Right For You…

I can’t afford to invest the time or money into counseling for mothers.

Deciding to put resources into your well-being is the only way to reverse burnout. As Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” [1] Trying something new and different that exists outside of your current routine can bring about transformation. Counseling for moms provides you with not only compassion and support but also an effective path toward healing and growth.

I am emotionally burnt out. How can therapy for mothers help with that?

Emotions are meant to move through us, providing useful information that informs good decision-making. While avoiding expressing your emotions may offer a short-term fix, internalizing them could result in long-term health issues. Therapy for moms is a space that supports the expression, understanding, and utilization of emotions to build a thriving life. Because you cannot outrun emotions, my job is to help you develop the regulation needed to manage them effectively.

What if what I really need is more support from my husband that he’s not giving me?

When we learn to take radical responsibility for ourselves, we create a sense of authority in our lives which supports leadership. This means taking full accountability for every aspect of your life. For example, if you are in an unsupportive partnership, the only thing you can control is identifying the dynamics that created it initially and identifying ways you can transform them. Therapy for moms helps build the self-awareness to see yourself not as a victim but as the creator of your life. Throughout motherhood therapy sessions, we can work on developing the self-respect, communication skills, and courage needed to create a supportive partnership.

Motherhood Should Be Your Time To Shine

You are here to be the sovereign creator of your life, offering your gifts to your children and the world. To find out how therapy for moms can help you, you can call 202-557-6778, email, or visit my ​​consultation page to schedule a free 20-minute consultation.


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