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We owe ourselves and this world our Highest Expression. No one benefits from us playing small or settling for less. In order to feel peace and purpose, we must learn our true potential and commit to living towards it everyday.

My Specialties

Anxiety Therapist

Inner child healing

See your true self

Our interactions with caregivers during childhood shape the way we see ourselves and create relationships. Even parents that are trying their best are not able to meet all of their child’s needs. Therefore, unhealthy thought and actions patterns in adulthood, related to self perception or interpersonal connections, can often be traced back to difficult experiences in childhood.

Together we will work to undo the damaging feeling of isolation by creating sacred space and deep empathy. A place to begin to allow yourself to be seen and receive compassion.  We then build self empowerment through value identification, attention management, and radical responsibility.  From this place you work to create new ways of seeing yourself and engaging in the world, fueled by a more truthful understanding of yourself.

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Spiritual Development

Connect with something bigger than yourself

Many of us have experienced feeling stuck, unmotivated, lost, or unworthy. One way we can approach this difficult place is through the study of self from a spiritual lens. In fact, this is what many leading psychotherapists have suggested as the necessary evolution in therapy. We do better as people when we feel connected to something bigger than ourselves.

The feeling of being one part of a larger picture helps us connect to meaning and purpose which allows us to create more joy in our lives. The bigger picture could be God, Nature, Music, Family - it’s your job to discern your higher power, it’s my job to help you strengthen your connection with it in a way that allows you to see yourself with more reverence and accordingly act with more grace in the world.

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Holistic Wellness
mental health counseling

Parenting support therapy


Take on the beautiful responsibility of being a mom

There is nothing stronger in this world than the love of a Mother.  However, a mother needs community and connection in order to take on the significant responsibilities of motherhood.  Culturally we do not support mothers well, and the isolation and lack of information around birth itself often results in fear, exhaustion, and competition.

I am passionate about working with Mothers, prenatal and postnatal. I am a huge advocate for Home Births and enjoy working with Mothers to help them create an intentional transition from Maiden to Mother.

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My Other Areas of Focus

  • Inner Child Healing
  • Stress Management Therapy
  • Relationship Therapy Austin
  • Holistic Health Austin
  • Depression Therapy Austin
  • Spiritual Development
  • Parenting support therapy
  • Holistic Wellness
  • Anxiety Therapist
  • Energy Management

Individual Counseling

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For a 80-minute session
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Spiritual Development

Need help with spiritual healing?

I offer several healings based on my training and certifications with the Modern Mystery School. These include Ensofic Reiki, Aura Clearing and Energy Balancing, and Life Activation. To learn more, you can visit

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Depression Therapy Austin

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